Our sacred coffee

There are few things in life so filled with expectation yet everydayness than the smell of freshly brewed coffee. What’s your daily coffee routine? One to get you out of bed, one to get started at the office, one to get you through the afternoon, one to round off that perfect dinner… Coffee is a controversial…

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The good and the bad bacteria

Most of us have probably heard of gut-friendly bacteria by now. Those are the bacteria that feed a healthy gut flora, like lactic acids. Our health basically starts in our gut, which means having a healthy gut makes us healthy in general. Having too much unhealthy bacteria in the gut on the other hand can lead to…

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Kids and the battle against sugar

Ok, I know this is such a touchy subject and we all have our differing views on it. And that’s ok.  I’m writing from my own perspective, without judging or deliberately trying to annoy anyone. The problem is this: whenever we celebrate basically ANYTHING with kids, there’s a sugar overload involved. Weather it’s a birthday,…

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