hi, I’M MAIA!

I’m a graduate from IIN, the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York, an entrepreneur, passionate cook, mother, dreamer and doer. I help people find the best version of themselves through health coaching, I host workshops and cooking classes, develop recipes and work on an online wellness project focusing on preventing and treating chronic disease. I like to keep my mind open and my hands busy. My cooking is mostly plant based, I use only natural ingredients and ecological produce whenever possible.

As different ways of eating suit different people, I like to think of food without totalitarism, just as I try to do with people. However, you won’t find refined sugar in any of my recipes and most of them are low on gluten and milk products (especially cow’s milk) and meat-free.

My coaching focuses on food, but also on wellbeing in a broader sense. When coaching, I tackle other important areas of life as well: sports, career, stress, love, relationships, dreams and much more.